December 19, 2016

#EMBS #CommunityService

EMBrace is a volunteering initiative aimed at the IST community, and our mission is to have a positive impact on the community! We are focused on gathering various volunteer opportunities in the city of Lisbon and enabling whoever is interested to participate in these activities. These can take a community approach or be geared towards cultural as well as technological events. In addition, we are attentive from one-off partnerships to long-term projects. Since the beginning of this project, we have participated in Food Bank campaigns and helped the São Sebastião Re-food nucleus to increase the size of its team. Both projects are related to helping out the ones is need, by donating food or cooked meals, respectively. On the other hand, we also made part of a fair of "gadgets", the Maker Faire Lisbon 2016, where amateurs and professionals are present to present their creations to the public. What do all 3 have in common? The passion for inventions and creativity! For the next semester we are planning more activities: we want to help Refugees and integrate them into the community as well as develop activities with hospitalized children. If you are part of our faculty, when a volunteer opportunity arises, your course’s Nucleus will forward the information to your mail. If you want to get the fresh news yourself, feel free to visit our website and facebook, where everything will be updated regularly!

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